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The days between the years

Back in the north, I'm looking forward to Christmas and the Holy Nights. I love this special time and enjoy creating little rituals for myself every day.

Bali's religion is rich in festivals and rituals and I have always enjoyed observing them and I still love the gamelan (Indonesian orchestra). But Christmas in the tropics, did not let me indulge in Christmas spirit. I love the Christmas classics, the lights, the coming together and it must be really cold outside.

I lived by the sea for a year and was able to admire the sunrise almost every morning. Sunrises never get boring and always make me happy.

I am especially grateful for our guests who traveled to Bali, because they made it possible for me to teach yoga and meditation every day for one year. I am still in contact with many of you and a some of you will also be joining me on my retreat in Mallorca. I am particularly looking forward to that. Spending a whole week with wonderful people, with daily yoga practice, singing, listening to the sounds, laughing and enjoying good food, in one of the most beautiful places on the whole island!

Although the sea was only a few steps away from my Balinese home, I very rarely pursued my second passion of diving. I dedicated my year in Bali to yoga and deepened a lot of my knowledge.

If you are interested in the Retreat in Mallorca, there are still rooms available!

If you would like to come to my first Empowerment Yogastunde, there are still places available!

And if you just want to visit me, I'm always happy to see you!

Today is already the 4th Rauhnacht. How do you celebrate these special days between the years?

Personally, I take time every day to reflect on what was good and what wasn't so good in the past year.

What am I grateful for? Which people were important companions and supported me? What were the special moments in the past year and what insights did I gain?

What is important in the new year? What goals do I have, what will I use my energy for and what will I focus on? What am I willing to let go of?

I am looking forward to the new year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for your appreciation and support.

Let's create a great 2024 together!

Love, Sonja

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