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Yoga Retreat in Mallorca Spring 2024

Yoga Retreat in Mallorca

A week of yoga in a special place with the best food and people who became more and more one day by day.

Yoga connects our body and our mind and yoga connects us with with one another.

A yoga retreat gives us the opportunity to take a closer look and recognise what is really important to us. It gives us the opportunity to recognise where we are in life and to answer important questions that we don't ask ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. During a yoga break, we often realise what we really want, what we stand for and we can make a fresh start with a realigned mindset.

When we rush from one appointment to the next, are constantly busy with work, assignments and the outside world, we no longer recognise the essence of our lives. We find it difficult to make decisions and often find it increasingly difficult to recognise whether we are still on our path or whether we are perhaps following someone else's path.

A yoga retreat can also simply help us to feel and perceive ourselves better again. The daily yoga classes, meditation, massages and healthy food help us to feel and understand ourselves better again.

A yoga retreat is a holidays that you can plan well on your own, there is always the opportunity to exchange ideas in the group, meet and get to know new people, but everyone can also just stay for themselves and let their soul dangle a little.

Every retreat is different because life is constantly changing and every retreat is a new beginning.

Yoga therapy

One week after the Mallorca retreat, I made my way north again. I spent a week in the ashram and focussed on yoga therapy, psychosomatic challenges and the breath. For example, why it matters whether we breathe in through the mouth or the nose and how breathing affects our mental and physical health. I will report on this in more detail in my next blog.

I offer yoga therapy classes for people with the following challenges:

headaches & migraines

stress symptoms & sleep disorders

burnout syndrome


If you have any questions, please write me a message.

The next retreat will take place in autumn from 05.10.2024 - 12.10.2024:

Come with us on your journey to meet yourself!

Love, Sonja

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