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It's great to have you here.

My name is Sonja and I am looking forward to deepen your yoga practice together with you! Yoga is allowing your mind and body to become one. 

Yoga is possible for everyone! Age, level of knowledge and flexibility do not matter.


Start your Yoga experience now to keep your mind and body young and flexible.

Book your personal Yoga class and treat yourself to some time out. 

Eine Frau macht Yoga im Garten

Here in the now, is where yoga begins!

Frau sitzt in Yoga-Pose auf einer Yoga-Matte

Yoga retreats, groups und privat sessions


Hatha Yoga | Yin Yoga | Vinyasa Yoga | Meditation | Watsu

Why is Yoga good for me?


it improves your concentration


it strengthens your immune system

it improves your mobility


it leads to inner peace and balance

it helps you become more resistant to stress

it strenghtens your body

it improves your body awareness

it improves your sense of balance


it reduces tension and pain

it calms your heartbeat

it improves blood circulation

A woman practices yoga on the beach
Landschaft mit Bergen übersät mit Bäumen

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