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Empowerment Yoga Flow

I brought this back with me from Bali and it is perhaps one of the most valuable lessons Bali has given me:

Empowerment Yoga

In my free time, so every two weeks, I traveled to Ubud for a weekend. I am convinced that Ubud is one of the best places in Bali. Even though I hardly know the other places! Ubud was my second home and the wealth of yoga it offers is unique. I attended yoga classes every day, went to sound healing, concerts and ecstatic dance, ate in the best vegan restaurants and talked to wonderful people.

I know all the Friday and Saturday classes at the Yoga Barn because I attended them all and there are quite a few! I then attended the classes that I particularly enjoyed again and again. This particularly included the empowerment class by Byron de Marsé.

And that's what it's all about:

This is a new style vinyasa class with permission to be yourself and supportive verbal guidance directing you to connect and dialogue with your truth.

Empowerment Flow invites you to become fully embodied through a complete experience of voicing your truth, journaling, breathwork, and yoga.

You are invited to step into greater alignment in your physical, mental and emotional body.

Bring your journals/pen & paper to write and be ready to speak your truth!

This practice is based on the principles of the InnerGuidance Transformation Method by Amara Samata and my mentor - Byron De Marsé - who transformed it into a powerful vinyasa practice.

The key to Empowerment Yoga is honesty. Permission to be as honest with yourself as possible. The practice will ask you to dive into your true nature by bringing awareness to all that is real in the present moment, creating space to release and receive all that you are meant to.

In September 2023, the first Empowerment Yoga Teacher Training took place and I was lucky enough to be part of it. And today I have the honor to be the first empowerment yoga teacher in Switzerland to share this beautiful practice with you.

The class will take place in Zurich in this wonderful yoga studio:

Sanapurna Yoga at Militärstrasse 115, 8004 Zurich

Saturday morning at 9 am - 10.30 am

Language English

You can book the class here on my website:

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