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Bali & Yoga part two

Already more than half-time. The first 6 months were many things, and how life plays out, differently than I expected.

My first six months were challenging and sometimes very challenging, and then it was beautiful again.

The best thing are the people I was able to meet here and still get to meet, the many friendships that could develop.

All the stories from these people's lives, the time we spent together doing yoga - mat by mat sharing our exercises and emotions, and the trust. All this touches me again and again, every day.

Even though I was often amazed why it is so hard, I am still here and enjoy the time. It's easy to forget, and that's a good thing, but you don't forget certain things. The essence of what life teaches you over and over again repeats itself until you understand it, and I hope that I have understood it now!

Many thanks to everyone who has accompanied me until today, I will continue on my path and would like to have you with me. The journey is the goal and when I have reached the destination, I will be happy and get back on the road.

Standing still is not for me.

If you have a choice, always choose the unknown, the risky, the uncertain. You won't regret it.

Every Sunday morning there is an online yoga class live from Bali. 

When you sign up and participate, you're doing a lot of good! 

1. For you, because yoga is simply good for you. 

2. For me, because I'm happy to see you. 

3. For my godchildren, whom I support financially on a monthly basis. 

4. For marine conservation, as I can support many great projects with the money. 

Thank you so much for you and for taking the time to read this.

Greetings from Bali, 


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