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I have been living and working in Bali for a month now. Prana Veda Bali is located in the north of the island, right by the sea, far away from the tourist hustle and bustle of the island.

You can find our retreat offer here:

Who would have thought that I would emigrate to Bali this year? I certainly didn't.

Bali is the epitome of yoga and working here and immersing myself in everything the island has to offer is a dream. And the best thing is that I can also pursue my second passion, diving!

Bali the island of the gods

Bali is the only region outside India, Nepal and Mauritius with a Hindu majority. Most Balinese profess the Agama Hindu Dharma religion, the Balinese form of Hinduism. Religion is life and life is religion in Bali. Religious rites and festivals accompany people from birth to death and beyond. They are the basis for the cohesion of the family and village community. Religious rites come into effect when a village is founded, they organize family life and are the ethical guidelines for the whole people. Holidays, popular entertainments and gatherings are always introduced by a temple ceremony.

When Indian Brahmins brought the Hindu gods to Bali from the 10th century onwards, there was already a highly developed culture. The Balinese did not simply adopt the new religion, but integrated it into their own traditions. The new influences did not displace the existing beliefs, but merged with them. The belief in the forces of nature, the soulfulness of the environment and the worship of ancestors remained and, together with the Hindu influences, developed into the complex but harmonious Hindu-Balinese religion.

Bali is also known as the "island of a thousand temples". Most of these temples are elaborately designed, even in remote regions. In addition, every house has its own temple and at prominent points (road junctions, entrances to villages, banyan trees, etc.) there are small temples or at least an offering pole, which in extreme cases can also be a simple stone.

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